Money talks with Dr. Shante Williams

RW Capital Partners

Dr. Shante Williams is a rising star in the Charlotte startup community as both an advisor and investor. We served on the Charlotte Business Advisory Committee together and frequently cross paths. Recently, I got a chance to ask her a few questions to learn more about her experiences and perspectives as an investor.

Dr. Shante Williams, Founder & Managing Partner
RW Capital Partners

How long have you been an investor?
Four years.

In which type of businesses do you like to invest?
I like to invest in businesses that make sense– I love investing in companies or products that make lives better– whether they are medical focused or beauty products that make you feel more confident.

How do you like to discover new investment opportunities?
I love hearing about opportunities from a person– either a customer (a raving fan) or an enthusiastic founder– while I receive a lot of opportunities by email it’s not my favorite method.

What characteristics do you look for in a founder or team?
Fire in the belly– I look for founders who have a true passion for what they do. I also love founders who are capable of being flexible. They know that there is more than one way to get the job done and are open to other suggestions. Finally, I like founders to be resilient– a failure or no cant be soul crushing– I need them to be able to learn from the situation and then move on.

What things do you look for in a pitch?
Numbers! The numbers have to make sense and the numbers have to have sound assumptions. I like graphics and all but I always flip directly to the numbers.

What motivates you every day?
Building a lasting legacy– I want to change how people think about women and women of color as money managers– I want them to see the next generation of Black female founders/investors/principals and know that they are forces to be reckoned with.

What’s one thing from my previous posts that you really agree with and like?
I loved the defining your customer deep dive! It challenged me to create a few personas of RW customers.

What’s one thing from my previous posts that you really disagree with and dislike?
So far you’ve been spot on but I will keep an eye out! (Lol)

For people interested in connecting with you, what’s the best way to reach you?
The best way is or 980.288.8476.