Lead Product Strategist (current)

Skookum is an agency that builds digital solutions. I am responsible for leading and supporting product strategy engagements from digital strategy and customer experience through production.

This includes market and user research, journey mapping, user story writing, product roadmap planning, and product management.

Skookum was recently acquired by GlobalLogic.


Product Marketer

I led marketing and product marketing for SmarterQueue,, a startup based in the United Kingdom with a globally distributed team. SmarterQueue is an intelligent social media scheduling tool for marketers, personal brands, and influencers.

My responsibilities included managing marketing stratgey, product releases, messaging and content, and content strategy.


Product Marketer

I developed and implemented marketing strategies for XILO, an early-stage startup based in San Diego, CA. XILO is a quoting and sales automatioon platform for independent insurance agencies.

My responsibilities included messaging and content, product marketing, product release management, customer marketing, and marketing operatioons.


Product Marketer

I managed product marketing for Appsembler, an early-stage startup based in Boston, MA. Appsembler provides e-learning and virtual lab solutions to tech companies.

I was responsible for managing go-to-market strategies, messaging, content, and product releases.


Product Strategist

I managed product for IntellyDoc, an early-stage startup based in Charlotte, NC. IntellyDoc's platform optimizes the contracting process for companies.

I was responsible for taking IntellyDoc from idea to market. THis inculded initial market and user research, requirements gathering, user story writing, product roadmap planning, and product management .

IntellyDoc is currently raising seed funding.


Director of Marketing

I managed the Stratifyd marketing team. Stratifyd is a startup based in Charlotte, NC. Stratifyd is s customer experience analytics platform powered by artificial intelligence.

I was responsible for building and leading the marketing team. I was also responsible for messaging, content, digital strategy and campaigns, as well as marketing operations.

Stratifyd recently raised $25 million in Series B funding.


Product Marketing Manager

I managed product marketing for MapAnything (now Salesforce Maps). MapAnything is a startup based in Charlotte, NC and provides a location-intelligence and geo-productivity platform for businesses.

I was responsible for market and user research, competitive analysis, messaging and content, and sales enablement. I had the opportunity to be a part of the company's growth from 20+ employees to 200+ employees.

MapAnything was recently acquired by Salesforce and is now Salesforce Maps.

Scott Safety


I was an Analyst for Scott Safety (now 3M Scott Fire and Safety). Scott Safety is a company based in Monroe, NC that provides safety equipment to firefighters and oother first responders..

I was responsible for service operations and assisted with business intelligence and marketing campaign planning.

Scott Safety was recently acquired by 3M and is now 3M Scott Fire and Safety.

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