Intrapreneur Training and Speaking Services

Intrapreneurs are the most valuable assets an organization can have, They identify new opportunities, lead innovation initiatives, create products and services, and bring a level of passion to work every day that is usually only found in entrepreneurs.

Every employee is a potential intrapreneur.  The right training and guidance can unlock that potential in any employee and can completely transform a workforce.

i have experience unlocking that potential in myself, coworkers, direct reports, and clients. 

If you are interested in intreapreneur training for your organization or interested in me discussing intrapreneurism at an event or on a webinar, contact me today!


someone who approaches work every day the same way that they would if they owned the company

An intrapreneur is an innovator - someone who ideates new solutions to solve problems - and an agent of change - someone who secures alignment on new solutions and drives the innovation by facilitating collaboration